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about me

I live in California with my wife, baby boy, and chihuahua. I've worked in the Industrial Design industry for over 10 years and currently work as a Design Director at Enlisted. Creativity is my only passion. I've enjoyed designing things for as long as I can remember, even though as a kid I didn't quite understand what it meant to "design". Now, design fuels all of my personal interests and hobbies. Whether I’m concepualizing a new product, editing footage for a home video, or building furniture in my garage, I'm happy as long as I get to create. For me, starting with a delicate idea and developing it into something I can literally hold in my hands is the most gratifying work I can imagine. 



My design philosophy

Objects have souls. Every object has a voice and tells a story. It is a designer's job to bring that soul to the surface so that it can communicate its story in a way that people can connect with. The aesthetic of an object is as important as what it does. Form IS function. The shape and color, material and finish of a product together tell the story of what it does, how it does it, who it's for, and where it belongs. I strive to inject soul into everything I design.


My work

The work on this site is from the last couple of years only. Some of it is in production and can be purchased and some is conceptual. Contact me to see additional work.

I live and work in the East Bay. Drop me a line.