Whimsical Ideas and Concepts


Whale Watch



The first watch I ever bought was a blue Alessi Kaj watch. I loved its bright colors and playful simplicity. After some time, the band broke, and like many other small keepsakes it ended up in a drawer. Years later, I saw Creative Session's "Watch Dog" - a playful animal figurine for their black Kaj watch. Inspired, I created my own pun-driven concept for my blue watch. Once I shared my "Whale Watch" with Creative Sessions, it spun into an Instagram collaboration with the Industrial Design community. More than 60 designers contributed their own versions of the concept, each with a clever word play. The collaboration got so much attention, even the original designer of the watch, Karim Rashid, commented "Cool, I love them."




tangerine dream

When you cut into a citrus fruit, you see a fan-like array. Why citrus? Because citrus is refreshing.


And so are fans. 


This natural geometry inspired my concept for a hubless desk fan. The fan spins with a ball-bearing mechanism, removing the need for a central hub. The blades are molded with a translucent silicone to mimic citrus flesh and to eliminate the need for a protective grill.




Samsung TV Stand

Inspired by one of the oldest architectural forms, Pillar is a solid stone column which elevates the QLED TV to new heights. The physical and visual weight of the base anchors the TV while simultaneously suspending it in air. The polished chrome post disappears by reflecting the stone material below and the environment around it. The top of Pillar’s base is a polished dish, alluding to hand-crafted ceramic and stone wares.